DC-Agri videos

Practical guidance for using digestate as a renewable biofertiliser

These two short video guides provide farmers with practical advice on how to maximise the supply of nutrients to crops. They were produced as part of WRAP's DC-Agri project, a four year research programme looking at the use of quality anaerobic digestate (biofertiliser) and compost in agriculture.

This first video, Using digestate as a biofertiliser, shows how to use digestate to grow healthy crops, with advice on cost management and tips on application. It also includes a tour of an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, showing the technology used to convert food waste into renewable fertilisers.

The second video, Digestate and understanding nitrogen, focuses on the best times and techniques for applying digestate, and to look at what happens to the nitrogen in digestate if it’s applied less well. It was filmed at the DC-Agri on-farm research site at Pwllpeiranin Wales.

  • The videos have been produced as part of the DC-Agri project’s knowledge exchange programme.
  • The videos were filmed at Agrivert’s Wallingford AD facility in Oxfordshire,and on-farm in Pwllpeiran, Wales.
  • Following good practice not only helps to get the best performance from renewable fertilisers, it is also the best way to reduce emissions to the environment.
  • WRAP research has shown that that using digestate together with bagged fertilisers can increase yields above those from using bagged fertilisers alone.