Tools to help the grocery sector

We have developed a series of tools to help your company become more resource efficient and to help save you money.

Raw materials risk & opportunities screening tool

In conjunction with industry partners, and supported by Risk Analytics specialists, WRAP has developed the Raw Materials Risk and Opportunity Screening Tool, to help food & drink businesses begin to identify where and how to address risks to the availability & supply of agricultural materials and food ingredients.

Food & drink wastes and by-products mapping tool 

Mapping tool to get more value from food and drink by-products and wastes.

Carbon Ready Reckoner Tool

A tool for assessing the carbon impacts of design changes to a packaged product.  

Resource Efficient Innovations Database

The aim of REID is to showcase resource efficient technologies such as machinery, tooling, materials and design from across the world.

GlassRite Tool

An online bottle directory that provides details of lightweight glass bottles available internationally.

An introduction to Packaging and Recyclability

Read about designing packaging for recyclability.

Recycled content glass toolkit

A toolkit to help you understand recycled content in glass containers and how it is calculated in the UK.

PET Bottle Categorisation Tool

An online tool that helps you to identify the recyclability of your plastic bottles.

Big savings for small food sellers

For all small grocery shops and take-aways, a brand new app highlighting where you can make real cost savings in your water, energy and waste bills will soon be available. 

Volume to weight calculator

This calculator enables you to work out the weight of the wastes that you are producing based on the number and size of bins that are collected for waste/recycling. If you are recycling already, then this tool will help you to calculate the percentage of waste you are recycling.