What is The
UK Plastics Pact?

The UK Plastics Pact is a trailblazing, collaborative initiative that will create a circular economy for plastics. It brings together businesses from across the entire plastics value chain with UK governments and NGOs to tackle the scourge of plastic waste.

Why do we
need the Pact?

We need to move away from a linear plastics economy, where we take, make and dispose of plastic, and towards a circular system where we keep plastic in the economy and out of the natural environment.

Our aim by


By 2025, The UK Plastics Pact will transform the UK plastic packaging sector by meeting four world-leading targets.

A Roadmap to 2025

The Roadmap outlines key activities that could be taken by all parts of the supply chain to deliver the Pact’s four targets. It aims to inspire members and supporters to act, and to galvanise wider action by governments, funders, investors, NGOs and businesses who are not members of The UK Plastics Pact.

Who has signed up?

This unique pact between governments, businesses, local authorities, NGOs and citizens is the only way to truly transform the UK’s plastics system.