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A Roadmap to 2025 - The UK Plastics Pact

15th November 2018

The UK Plastics Pact is transforming the way that the UK makes, uses and disposes of plastic. The roadmap provides a framework for all businesses, including members to deliver the ambitious targets. 

Key Points
The Roadmap outlines key activities that could be taken by all parts of the supply chain to deliver the four targets.
Key outcomes by the end of year 1 (April 2019), end-2022 and end-2025.
Together the 68 members are responsible for 80% of plastic packaging sold in UK supermarkets, and half of all packaging placed on the market.

A Roadmap to 2025 

What is The UK Plastics Pact Roadmap and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead for the UK? Helen Bird, UK Plastics Pact Specialist at WRAP explains. 

The UK Plastics Pact is the world’s first programme to tackle the issue of plastic waste through collaboration across the entire supply chain. 

It aims to inspire members and supporters to act, and to galvanise wider action by governments, funders, investors, NGOs and businesses who are not members of The UK Plastics Pact. 

The UK Plastics Pact targets: 

  1. Eliminate problematic or unnecessary single-use packaging through redesign, innovation or alternative (reuse) delivery model.
  2. 100% of plastics packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable.
  3. 70% of plastics packaging effectively recycled or composted.
  4. 30% average recycled content across all plastic packaging. 

Progress made towards the targets 

Hear from UK Plastics Pact members from across the supply chain about their progress towards the targets. 


Innocent Drinks - Louise Stevens 

Procter & Gamble - Aimee Goldsmith 

 Ocado - Suzanne Westlake 

Veolia - Richard Kirkham 

Greiner Packaging - Philip Woolsey 

Highland Spring - Alex Haken

Asda - Fiona Dobson