Cost benefit study: Textile and Laundry services

Uniform re-use

Nationwide Building Society: Measures to ensure garments are sourced and produced ethically and re-used or recycled at end of life (2 year cycle). Corporate branding is kept discreet so it can be easily removed allowing re-use of clothing at end of life. Garments are supplied by Incorporatewear who offer organic and other sustainable natural materials.
Remaining end-of-life clothing is sent to Wilcox Industrial Supply for re-use overseas or recycling into automotive accessories. Collection of end-of-life clothing from stores is now through regular courier service – avoiding additional vehicles / mileage. 
  • Environmental benefits realised through avoided waste to landfill (and associated cost savings). 
  • Environmental considerations embedded within garment sourcing policy.

Sustainable procurement of workwear 

City of Zurich: Implemented a pilot project in 2009 to procure 100% organic cotton shirts for the police force.  Whilst increased raw materials costs meant higher initial purchase costs, lab test conducted by the project identified the garments had improved durability so would have an extended life compared to previous polyester blend shirts.
This project also identified savings of up to 5kg CO2 per kg of cotton fibre when comparing organic to non-organic production methods.