Switched on to Value

Why extending appliance and consumer electronic product lifetimes and trading used products can benefit consumers, retailers, suppliers and the environment.

New research from WRAP found that:

£3bn - Value of electronic products in homes across the UK

The average home contains around £1,200 worth of electrical and electronic equipment but many householders don’t realise their used products still have significant value – this value amounts to around £3 billion across the UK


When asked two-thirds of UK consumers expressed a willingness to trade-in consumer electronic products and would prefer to do so with reputable high-street retailers.


Around a third of all washing machines and fridges, and a quarter of all the vacuum cleaners replaced in the UK each year failed to meet the average customer’s expectation for each product’s lifetime.

Extending the average life of lower-end appliances to match the current market average for all appliances would save around 750,000 tonnes of carbon emissions associated with production, roughly equivalent to one week’s CO2 eq emissions from all the cars in the UK.


Changing how we design, make, buy and dispose of electrical and electronic equipment could reduce our carbon footprint by up to 15% and add £800 million in GDP to the UK economy.

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