Sustainable Product Design and Development – Demonstration Projects

The objective of these demonstration projects is to develop a flexible best practice approach to sustainable product design that can be replicated across other grocery and DIY retailers and manufacturers and their supply chains.
PSF investigation revealed a desire by a number of retailers to take a more systematic and holistic approach to embedding sustainability both into new product design / development and category planning and review activities.

WRAP is running demonstration projects with Sainbury’s and Asda to gain an understanding of how product design and development is approached. This includes building a detailed picture of the interactions between different teams and functions; and the decision-making processes involved to develop and sign-off a product concept, test its commercial and technical feasibility, scale up production, launch the product on the market and review its performance post-launch, so that learning can be applied to other products.

Both Sainsbury’s and Asda have engaged with three of their suppliers to focus on diverse product portfolios.  The suppliers sit at different points in the sustainability journey and bring varying degrees of sustainable product design and development experience.