Sustainable Clothing Action Plan

WRAP leads the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP).

SCAP’s ambition is to improve the sustainability of clothing across its lifecycle. By bringing together industry, government and the third sector we aim to reduce resource use and secure recognition for corporate performance by developing sector-wide targets.

SCAP is overseen by a Steering Group, consisting of major retailers, brands, recyclers, sector bodies, NGOs and charities, and four working groups: Design, Re-use & RecyclingInfluencing consumer behaviours and Metrics.

Leading clothing sector companies have pledged to measure and reduce their environmental footprints and signed up to the SCAP 2020 Commitment. 

Design group

The group is identifying priority actions to reduce the impacts of clothing. The group will deliver guidance and model wording to embed good practice in corporate requirements for design and buyer specification.

The group has also identified opportunities to:

  • develop a common industry mechanism (Longevity Protocol) to help increase the active life of clothes; and 
  • develop a training package and knowledge hub to promote resource efficiency. 

The group are also looking to engage with marketing teams, collectors and clothing resellers. 

Re-use and Recycling group

The group is focused on diverting textiles from landfill by improving collection and separation systems, and developing markets for re-use and recycling. Activity includes:

  • developing systems and initiatives (including consumer communications) for improving collection of clothing;
  • separation of clothing for re-use and recycling, where re-use of clothing is preferred to recycling; and
  • market development for re-use and recycling of clothing and lower material grades.

Key outputs: 

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Influencing consumer behaviours group

The In-use Working Group identified the key behavioural changes which consumers can make to reduce the footprints of their clothing:

  • Acquisition - Pre-owned (re-use), Durability and Fibre choice
  • In-use - Laundering & Repair
  • Discard - Re-use & Recycling

As these changes extend beyond in-use, the group has been renamed ‘Influencing consumer behaviours’. The group will seek to influence consumers to take action to reduce the environmental impacts of clothing over its life-cycle. The group now aims to:

  • share with industry insight into consumer behaviours;
  • develop a suite of industry resources to influence consumer behaviours; and
  • communicate (through SCAP members) with consumers to influence behaviours.

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Metrics group

The group aims to agree practical ways to measure and report reductions in Carbon, Water and Waste impacts of UK clothing.  

The group has developed the WRAP Clothing Portfolio tool. The tool enables companies to assess how actions on garment supply, use and end-of-life can reduce their carbon, water and waste footprints. The tool will support organisations to measure their baseline footprints, identify opportunities for improvement and monitor the results.

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