Summer webinar series

In summer 2019, we ran a series of webinars to help Local Authority officers make waste and recycling collections more efficient.

In these one-hour sessions we share our most popular toolkits and resources, as well as highlight our learnings on tackling contamination. 

Introducing Food Waste Collections 

We shared our learnings from the last 12 years on separate food waste collections, to help you introduce collections for the first time. In this webinar we explore:

* Evidence on why separate food waste collections are beneficial

* How to keep costs manageable

* How to make sure collections are efficient and effective



Contamination in Recycling

Learnings from WRAP and Resource London’s projects to help tackle contamination in your Local Authority. We discussed:

* Ideas on solving the seemingly unsolvable contamination problem

* Ways to gather local evidence to present to decision makers


We can review your workbook and contamination toolkit and provide recommendations for next steps. Get in touch for more information. 

The Q&A from the webinar is available to view here. 

WRAP's Local Authority Portal

A guided tour on how to compare and benchmark your recycling yields, and an overview of our data on your collections. In this webinar, we will cover:

· How to compare your Local Authority against others

· Information on all of the collection schemes in the UK – who collects what, how, and how well

· How WRAP groups local authorities using various categories, so you can compare data properly


WRAP's Kerbside Costing Tool

A guided tour through our indicative cost and performance calculator with information on how to compare your collections’ efficiency. Plus, an overview on comparing different collection types.