Cost benefit study: Waste

Measuring to manage: Waste at Gunwharf Quays, a mixed-use development on Portsmouth Harbour, owned by Land Securities.
The 33-acre site houses designer outlets, bars and restaurants, a cinema, a bowling complex, a comedy club, a casino, a Health & Fitness Club and a hotel. In addition there are over 300 homes on site and near 2000m2 of office space. 
Gunwharf Quays Management Ltd. actively promotes sustainable resource management and acts as a waste broker for all occupants, managing nearly 3,000 tonnes of mixed commercial and municipal waste per annum. In 2010 the company recycled about 55% of its waste with the remainder being used in a energy recovery facility to produce electricity, therefore achieving nearly 100% recovery of resources.
The company is striving for further waste minimisation and to increase re-use of materials by for example replacing card board boxes with tote boxes and replacing disposable products with recyclable alternatives. These efforts are aimed at reducing waste at source and understanding and changing processes to enjoy the environmental and business benefits of waste and cost savings.


Annual Savings


Green Culture Approach – Striving for Excellence Scheme

Clear Guidelines in the ‘Tenant Operating Directory’

Free Waste Stream Audits

Gunwharf Quays has been able to increase turnover and reduce the level of waste growth

Increase recycling and recovery year on year

Resources going to energy recovery generate equivalent electricity to supply 180 homes per annum

Resource recovery through ERF and recycling instead of landfill will have saved £50 – 70,000  p.a. 

Partnership with occupiers and contractors to promote environmental sustainable behaviours

Shopping Centre Environmental Management Toolkit

Developing Site Specific Environmental Plans

Provide tools for waste assessments to plan re-use, recycling and recovery

Occupier environmental awareness

Workshops/Centre management training

Raise, maintain and increase environmental awareness

Bespoke recycling containers incl. dedicated paper collection points, colour coded 1,100 litre collection bins and public recycling bins

Bin-less office culture

Tenant metal and ink cartridge, coat hangers recycling

Provide clear and easy access

to  enable and facilitate recycling of source separated materials

Weekly information memos and newsletter

Quarterly environmental newsletter

Poster campaigns

Communication and public relationship building with occupants, the public and other stakeholders