Steve Creed

Director, Business Programmes

Steve Creed is an engineer by background having completed an engineering degree in his native country Canada.  He went on to complete an MBA as his interest turned more towards business issues. Prior to joining WRAP, Steve’s roles included Director of the Environment at Carillion plc., and Managing Director of Stanger Science and Environment, where his main focus was helping businesses to integrate sustainable development into their strategy.

Steve joined WRAP in early 2002 as Director of Business and Procurement with the remit to stimulate private and public sector procurement of recycled materials and products while overseeing WRAP’s Business Development Service.  Following a re-organisation in 2005, Steve became Director of Business Growth, focusing on building markets and creating market knowledge for recovered materials. During 2009/10 he  led WRAP through the Delivery Landscape Review and implementation which resulted in  WRAP being asked by Defra to lead on resource efficiency issues in England. More recently he was responsible for WRAP's work focused on improving Business Resource Efficiency.

His areas of expertise include: Business Strategy, Sustainable Development, Resource Efficiency, Finance and Fund Raising and Change Management.