Site Waste Management Plans

SWMP's encourage the effective management of materials and ensure waste is considered at all stages of a project - from design through to completion. We have a series of free tools and guidance materials to assist the construction industry with developing and using SWMP's.

The Site Waste Management Plans Regulations (2008) were repealed on 1 December 2013.  Although no longer a regulatory requirement in England, SWMPs are still considered to be good practice.  Our SWMP Templates have been updated to remove references to the Regulations.

SWMP Template

WRAP's SWMP Template is Microsoft Excel based and enables you to identify good and best practice opportunities to drive down waste and potentially reduce costs. The Template been developed to support users to move towards good practice waste management. 

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Although the user guide was written for an earlier version of the SWMP Template, it is still sufficiently valid for the current version.

SWMP 'lite'

A simplified version of the SWMP tool aimed at the smaller contractors and tradesmen. As well as CD&E activities it includes options for Fit out, Refurbishment, Retrofit and Strip out projects.

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SWMP Tracker

Our SWMP Tracker is an online tool which enables you to collate multiple WRAP and non-WRAP SWMPs and carry out sophisticated analysis of your data.

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Site-Specific Waste Analysis Tool

The SSWAT calculates the recovery rates of CD&E waste at Materials Recovery Facilities and Waste Transfer Stations on a consignment specific basis. It assists Waste Management Contractors with their reporting of recovery information to construction clients.

There are two versions of the SSWAT tool available for download.

Version 1: An MS Excel workbook to estimate recovered material from mixed waste skip consignments. Works with all versions of MS Excel.

Version 2: As well as an improved interface to make it easier to input data and navigate around the tool, new functionality allows you to:

  • track consignments entering the facility and summarise consignments for a specific customer;
  • list all consignments from a specific project or site; and
  • detail consignments within a given date range.

Please note: Due to the enhanced data storage element in Version 2 you will need to be using MS Excel 2007, with Service Pack 2 installed. Version 2 is still usable with an earlier version of Excel however you may encounter errors when trying to run the reports.

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WRAP's SWMP Template allows you to collate information from the SSWAT tool.