Self-assessment Review for Food and Drink Manufacturers

All food and drink manufacturers produce waste, but how many know the true cost of waste to the company?

It is estimated that the savings opportunities within the UK food and drink sector are around 720,000 tonnes and, assuming average savings of £561 per tonne, the value of savings for the whole UK food and drink manufacturing sector is estimated at £404 million.

This guide is intended to help companies in the food and drink sector review their waste management practices. The guide describes a straightforward procedure for completing a self-assessment review of current practices which should enable you to identify where waste is arising at each stage of a process and take steps to reduce it.

Breaking the work into logical steps, the guide:

  •  asks what the inefficient use of resources is really costing;
  •  describes a waste ‘walk-around’, to identify issues on the site and key areas for improvement;
  •  explains how to calculate the true cost of waste;
  •  outlines the use of benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators;
  •  suggests input for an action plan;
  •  contains a worked example of completing a review in a fictional pie factory; and
  •  includes guidance on the issues you need to check when conducting a walk-around to identify sources of waste and key areas for improvement.

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