SCAP 2020 leads the fashion on sustainable clothing

The Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) 2020 Commitment is leading the way in targeting action to minimise the environmental impact of our clothes.
The latest results show progress is being made in reducing carbon and water footprints, but work still needs to be done to reduce waste.


Key findings

15% SCAP has exceeded its target of reducing water
2020 SCAP is on track to meet its carbon target by 2020
4% Reduction in clothing going to landfill and incineration

The reports

SCAP 2020
Progress report

The progress of SCAP signatories between 2012-2018.

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Textiles Market Situation

The current market situation for re-use and recycling of textiles in the UK.

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SCAP Footprint Calculator:
Technical report

Detail of the measurement techniques used in SCAP through the Footprint Calculator.

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Summary of evidence on microfibres

A summary of evidence on microfibres in the clothing industry.

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