Safe Training Systems Demonstration Report

Closing date: 
31 December, 2016

This report represents one of the nine projects taken through to the demonstration phase of WRAP’s Driving Innovation in Anaerobic Digestion (DIAD) programme.  It was selected as it represented a technological innovation that could optimise and improve AD systems in the UK, making them more efficient and/or cost effective

This project demonstrates a low cost innovative technology which quantifies the amount of siloxanes – a class of engine damaging gases – found in most biogases. Siloxanes can represent major costs to engine operators at both landfills and waste water treatment plants that could be avoided if they had better understanding of their engines’ fuels and therefore performance.

The aim of the demonstration project was to advance the prototype and its design to a customer-acceptable product. Extended trials of the system were run at one of the UK’s waste water treatment plants to show the performance and reliability of the instrument.