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Retail drinks category - wine

Globally, around 17.5 billion bottles of wine are consumed annually, equating to 8.75 billion tonnes of glass - more packaging than any other product in the food or drink sector. 

As the world’s largest importer of wine, the UK buys in around 1.2 billion bottles a year, generating CO2 emissions during transportation and contributing more than 630, 000 tonnes of glass to the UK waste stream, around 40% of which is disposed of as household waste.

There are enormous opportunities to reduce this waste and achieve significant cost savings and other commercial benefits through making changes to wine packaging and transportation. 

The following pages will help you discover more about those opportunities and how to implement significant change.

Packaging - your first step towards resource efficiency

Around 97% of wine is sold in glass bottles but innovative changes to wine packaging, including lighter weight packaging, increases in recycled content and other pack formats such as liquid cartons, aluminium cans, bag-in-box and PET can lead to cost effective options and a lighter carbon footprint.

Transportation and UK filling - supply chain sustainability

Transporting wine in bulk and bottling in-market can achieve major environmental and commercial advantages; it cuts transportation emissions, improves logistical efficiency and reduces costs and means the UK can bottle wine in UK-manufactured wine bottles with a high recycled content.

The London International Wine Fair 2011 

WRAP held an industry briefing session at the 2011 London International Wine Fair where it discussed the findings of a new project called Going Green that looked at moving some wine and spirits from clear to green glass. Presentations from members of the wine supply chain were also given during the session.  

GlassRite Wine - monitoring of savings 2010/11

WRAP has worked closely with partners across the wine supply chain to encourage packaging reduction and cost-saving initiatives. Since 2006, the GlassRite Wine project has achieved glass savings of more than 37,828 tonnes per year, an increase of 253 million bottles of wine bulk imported to the UK and over 55,420 tonnes of domestic green cullet used.

Download and read the latest GlassRite Wine - monitoring of savings 2010/11 report which has monitored industry savings to date. GlassRite Wine phase 2 report is also available here.