Resource Maps for fresh meat

This research highlights the extent to which fresh meat is wasted or lost in the UK’s food supply chain. It is estimated that the meat industry could save about £110 m annually through application of commercial improvements based on the recommendations outlined in this report.

This study has been conducted to quantify the amount of product and packaging waste arising in the retail and wholesale supply chain for fresh meat before it reaches consumers. Furthermore, the study determined how, where and why the product was wasted. It also looks at water usage in the supply chain

The report focuses on fresh meat from the four animal species that comprise 96% by weight of all animals slaughtered for human consumption, chicken, cattle, pigs and sheep, and their main sub-products.

The research focussed on the retail and wholesale supply chains from farm gate to final (retail) customer, including livestock slaughtering, meat preparation and packaging and distribution. Further information on meat waste in homes can be found at [link]

By identifying how, where and why products are wasted, these resource maps enable the identification of where technology and better management practices can be used to develop more resource efficient strategies within the fresh meat sector.

(Legacy research commissioned by the previous government.)

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