Resource Efficient Innovations Database (REID)

The aim of REID is to showcase resource efficient technologies such as machinery, tooling, materials and design from across the world.

Access the REID database

The REID database illustrates recent technologies in products and packaging from around the world, such as machinery, tooling, materials and design.  It can help businesses across the retail supply chain to be more resource efficient, which can save them money and reduce their impact on the environment. 

Help others to become more resource efficient

We welcome proposals for potential entries onto the database and are particularly interested in identifying innovations that are relevant to packaging, hospitality and product preservation.

Several criteria need to be met for technologies and other solutions to qualify entry onto the database.  The solution needs to:

  • improve resource efficiency, or
  • reduce carbon, or
  • reduce the wider environmental impacts of the retail sector, particularly the grocery or home improvement sectors. 

We have a process to ensure that solutions meet our selection criteria (degree of innovation, relevance, date of technology release) and that the text and images for each entry are of a high quality. 

So if you have an innovative solution that you want including on the database, then please register here and complete the on-line form. 

Although no charge is made for entry onto the database, we do require that solution providers accept our website terms and conditions and REID's disclaimer.  


If you have any queries about REID, or would like to know more about the database entry selection process, please email