Resource efficiency for businesses

Good for business. Good for the environment.

UK businesses could save £6.4 billion* per year and help create and protect jobs by improving the way they use resources.

Reducing waste and using materials more efficiently could make your company more profitable

Resource efficiency is not just an environmental initiative, it also makes good commercial sense. Waste costs money, and by finding ways to reduce waste your business could become more profitable.

Resource Efficiency Tool

An ideal starting point for assessing how your business is managing its resources.  This confidential interactive tool identifies what you can improve on and allows you to set a benchmark    

Help by sector

WRAP works closely with the following sectors to help them achieve the benefits of resource efficiency and share best practice:

Farming and growing

Discover the benefits of using quality compost to improve soil quality and increase yields.


Play your part - make real savings on construction projects and help the Construction industry halve waste to landfill by 2012. 

Recycling Industry

Waste management contractors, materials recovery facility (MRF) operators, reprocessors and manufacturers using recycled products - sustain your business in tough economic climate.

Retail Supply Chain

Achieve business benefits through using your resources more efficiency and by preventing product and packaging waste.

Small-to-medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) can cut their costs by becoming more resource efficient. 

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* Quantification of the business benefits of resource efficiency' published by Defra, October 2007