Requirements & guidance for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games bin system (EVE001-002)

Closing date: 
3 October, 2012 - 09:00

The purpose of the work is to assist Zero Waste Scotland in assessing the needs for the front and back of house bin systems at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games that will assist in achieving the targets of the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Plan. The work will also prepare guidance on the use of recycling bin systems drawing on lessons from the London 2012 Olympic Games. 

The project will assess the container bin requirements at front and back of house across all functions. In doing so, it will develop and prioritise a small number of costed options including the potential for re-use of the bin systems from the London 2012 Olympics. The work will prepare specific guidance on bin systems that can be used during the Commonwealth Games to maximise recycling and composting diversion from landfill.  It will enable the Organising Committee (OC) to make an informed decision, based on cost and environmental impact, what approach will provide the maximum benefits in terms of zero waste within Games and lowest carbon footprint.  It will also enable ZWS to prepare a guidance document for the Commonwealth Games Waste Advisory Action Group (WAAG) and OC to specify and procure the most effective bin system for the G2014 Games should the re-use of the Olympics bins not be feasible.


The findings and recommendations of this report will be presented to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Waste Advisory Action Group (WAAG) for its consideration and action.


Sue Baughan

Team Coordinator
01295 819922