Reports on glass collection from commercial premises

There are a number of relevant reports and resources concerning glass collection available for both collectors and businesses. These may help you consider your role in the process. 

Hospitality Sector Glass Compactor Trials (981 kb) 

Investigating the potential for small glass compactors to increase the quantity of glass returning to remelt from the hospitality sector


Glass Collection from Licensed Retail Establishments (LREs) In Urban Centres of Yorkshire and Humber (2009 kb)

A study into the economics of glass recycling by Licensed Retail Establishments (LREs) in urban centres of Yorkshire and Humber.


Pubs, clubs and licensed premises - study of waste arising and potential for recycling (887 kb)

Renew report on the waste arisings and potential for recycling from pubs, clubs and licensed premises in the North East of England


An analysis of the viability of reverse haul within the UK hospitality sector (1305 kb)

A study that considers the viability of ‘Reverse Haul’ as a means to increase glass recycling from licensed premises. Reverse haul in this context relates to glass being collected and returned to depots on the same drays (lorries) that deliver beer and other drinks to the outlets.


Resource Relevant to Hospitality Businesses - Waste Counts - A Handbook for Accommodation Operators (CESHI) (276 kb)

This Handbook has been developed to help accommodation establishments minimise the amount of waste they produce, and reduce the associated disposaland handling costs.

When you search the directory you will be able to search by any of the following:

  • Colour separated: The glass is collected in different containers by colour.
  • Comingled: The glass is mixed in with other recyclables. Please note: This is not the preferred option as there can be a loss of quality of the glass.
  • Mixed glass: All glass colours are mixed together for collection.