Reducing food waste in Europe


FUSIONS (Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimising Waste Prevention Strategies) is a project about working towards achieving a more resource efficient Europe by significantly reducing food waste.

WRAP is a lead partner in FUSIONS which runs for 4 years from August 2012 to July 2016. It is funded by the European Commission Framework Programme 7.

FUSIONS has 21 project partners from 13 different countries. These include universities, knowledge institutes, consumer organisations and businesses.

The project will establish a European Multi-Stakeholder Platform to generate a shared vision and strategy to prevent food loss and waste across the whole supply chain through social innovation. Social innovations are new ideas (products, services and models) that simultaneously meet social needs (more effectively than alternatives) and create new social relationships or collaborations. Already more than 80 leading European organisations have pledged their support by becoming a FUSIONS member.


The project will contribute towards:

Through delivery of the key objectives, FUSIONS will support:

  • delivery of a Roadmap towards a Resource Efficient Europe;
  • the European Commission’s target of a 50% reduction of food waste; and
  • a 20% reduction in the food chain’s resource inputs by 2020.


FUSIONS has established a multi-stakeholder platform to facilitate discussion between key stakeholders in the food chain, build consensus and develop recommendations on monitoring practice and socially innovative measures for food waste prevention and reduction.

Four Regional Platform Meetings (RPMs) and one European Platform Meeting (EPM) are organised each year, bringing together FUSIONS members and other stakeholders from across the food chain.

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