Potatoes - why compost is good for potatoes

Quality compost has significant long-term benefits for potato growers.

Compost increases soil organic matter – essential for good soil structure, water retention, and crop establishment. Maximum crop yields are only possible if soils are maintained in good condition, and compost can help to achieve this.

Why is compost good for potatoes?

Compost is a good source of potash – this is an important nutrient for potatoes and 80% of the potash provided by compost is available for crop uptake in the year of application

Better soil fertility - the increase in organic matter from ongoing applications of compost improves soil fertility

Better water infiltration and retention - regular compost use improves soil structure and water management, reducing irrigation requirements on light soils

Increases crop nutrient-use efficiency – by improving soil structure, compost can optimise crop use of applied nitrogenous fertilisers