PAS 108: Specification for production of tyre bales for use in construction

WRAP commissioned the British Standards Institution (BSI) to prepare this Publicly Available Specification, PAS 108, in collaboration with the tyres reprocessing industry. It provides a specification for producing compact tyre bales of a consistent and verifiable quality and dimension.

The compression of these tyres into bales provides a means of reusing these tyres whilst at the same time, reducing the demand for primary aggregate materials in construction.

PAS 108 sets out to provide a specification that can be adopted by suppliers for producing tyre bales such that potential customers will be assured that they are procuring a construction material of consistent and verifiable quality. Thus the core of this document addresses the production, handling, storage, transport and placement of standardized tyre bales, the dimensions and properties of which are described in this PAS. In addition, guidance is given on engineering properties and typical construction applications.

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