Packaging design to reduce household meat waste

This research investigates portioned and divisible packaging design options to enable consumers to reduce household meat waste.  It recommends a new pack format, which enables consumers to easily divide the pack helping reduce meat waste.


Around 290,000 tonnes of avoidable meat and fish products are thrown away each year costing £1.6 billion. Poultry meat contributes 81,000 tonnes to this total figure, costing £350 million.

This project aimed to deliver innovation within the fresh meat category by developing and trialling packaging concepts that would reduce chicken portion waste arising in the UK.

A range of concepts were developed and tested with consumer panels. One of these underwent technical trials to verify its suitability for commercial production and consumer acceptability.

The report provides details on all the concepts developed and the consumer response. WRAP is keen to see one pack in particular adopted and to explore, with the food industry, ways in which this new format could be developed for other product types.