Our approach to evaluation

Evaluation of the impact of our work is critically important to us. It allows us to account to our funders and show we have delivered good value. As a not-for-profit we are committed to being transparent about our impacts.

We have established three principles which guide us when evaluating our impact:

  • Evaluation is theory-based and guided by programme logic
  • Evaluation is arms-length and evidence based
  • Evaluation is able to inform programme delivery enabling continuous improvements
  • Impacts will be counted only where we can show we have played a role in delivering them
  • Impacts will be reported on both an annualised and lifetime basis
  • Impacts will not be double counted
  • Impact data should not be modelled but captured empirically wherever possible
  • We will report levels of uncertainty

We carry out annual impact assessments and verification exercises to check whether our programmes are on track to deliver against their targets. Results are shared with our funders. In addition we provide our funders with a quarterly progress report that includes an assessment of progress. For more information on our approach to impact evaluation, please email: evaluation@wrap.org.uk