This section of the data portal provides a summary of developments in the UK’s recovered organics market.  The data presented here comes from respected, publicly available and regularly updated sources on the internet.  By following the link(s) above the graphics, you can find out more details on the source of the data and visit the sites to access the full data.

The current highlights and trends are:

Gate fees and compost prices

The gate fee for in vessel composting (IVC) sites dropped sharply in September 2018 to £28 per tonne, having previously remained at £35-39 per tonne for several years. This is the lowest price point seen since WRAP began monitoring prices in August 2012. Anaerobic Digestion (AD) gate fees remain at £17.50 per tonne, the same rate seen for most of 2018. Gate fees for open air windrow (OAW) sites continued to reach  £24 per tonne. There has been no fluctuation in prices since June 2017.  

Fertiliser prices

AN fertiliser (bags) prices currently stand at £259.60 per tonne. The average rate for the past 12 months was £236.90 per tonne. Overall prices have gradually increased over the year. The price in September 2017 was £211.40 per tonne.