Operational AD sites

The adjoining spreadsheet and map show operational anaerobic digestion plants in the UK (excluding those in the water industry that do not process food waste). 

Facilities are defined as:

  • Commercial AD – AD sites that import feedstock, often set up 3rd party contracts. 
  • Industrial AD – AD sites that use their own waste as feedstock. Many of these are effluent treatment sites and handle large volumes of liquid.  
  • Part of integrated waste mag’t AD – AD is named as one process amongst other treatment processes on a site. In some cases AD is treating organic waste fractions (not source segregated material)
  • Demonstration AD – AD sites that process feedstock for demonstration or feasibility purposes.
  • On-farm AD - AD sites that process slurries, manures, crops or crop residues produced on-farm

The output for these include

  •  Heat and/or Power ( CHP) – where the biogas which is burned on-site to generate heat, power or both
  •  Biomethane to Grid (BtG) – where the biogas is upgraded and biomethane is injected into the national gas grid

Please note:

Listed capacity (tonnage) is operational capacity, not throughput. This reflects the potential capacity of the digester. Similarly, the output capacity is about potential electrical generation, not actual. 

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Whilst the AD spreadsheet and related map are accurate to the best of WRAP’s knowledge, WRAP offers no warranty and accepts no liability relating to the completeness or accuracy of the information contained within.