Online Resource Efficiency Tools

Resource Efficiency online tools from WRAPHere you will find useful tools to help you embed resource efficiency in your business.  These range from a virtual tour of various business premises; online training materials, with presentation slides, templates, video case studies; and a publication wizard to enable you to produce a resource efficiency guide tailored to your organisation.

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Water efficiency

Water Decision Tree Tool 

Get rapid access to the water efficiency tools and information that best meet your requirements.

The Rippleffect

A water efficiency support package to help you take action to reduce water use and save money, including online modules, videos, case studies and guidance documents.

Water Monitoring Tool

Easily record and track where water is being used in your organisation.

Mogden Formula Tool

Calculate the charges water and sewerage companies apply for the conveyance and treatment of effluents discharged to the public wastewater network.


Resource efficiency

Green Town

  • An interactive tour of typical business premises, including a pub, a restaurant and a factory, that highlights opportunities for resource efficiency in the workplace.
  • Generate your own tailored publication designed to help your business understand the Waste Hierarchy. Simply select the wastes your business produces and find out what measures are available to help improve resource efficiency.

Carbon Ready Reckoner Tool 

  • Evaluate the carbon impact relating to design changes in the packaging of a product. 

Volume to weight calculator 

  • This calculator enables you to work out the weight of the wastes that you are producing based on the number and size of bins that are collected for waste/recycling. If you are recycling already, then this tool will help you to calculate the percentage of waste you are recycling.

Resource Efficient Innovations Database (REID)

  • The REID database illustrates recent technologies in products and packaging from around the world, such as machinery, tooling, materials and design.  It can help businesses across the retail supply chain to be more resource efficient, which can save them money and reduce their impact on the environment.


Hospitality and food service

Food waste recycling for your business 

  • Recycling your food waste is easier than you think, and it could save you money. Find out more here.

Hospitality and Food Service Info-Finder  

  • Quickly and easily find the information you need to make savings for your business.