Office furniture procurement: comparison tool

Compare different, resource efficient methods of procuring office furniture as an alternative to buying new furniture. 

Furniture is frequently discarded before it reaches its end-of-life and more often than not for aesthetic reasons. This simple Excel tool calculates and compares the costs of procuring office furniture in different ways – avoiding the unnecessary disposal of furniture. 

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The tool provides a financial case for considering alternative procurement methods:

  • buying new furniture; 
  • buying new furniture and having it remanufactured at the refresh period;
  • buying remanufactured furniture and having it further remanufactured at the refresh period; and
  • buying re-used furniture at every refresh period.

Users enter the amount of furniture (chairs, tables, desks, bookcases and pedestals) they need to procure and are provided with a financial breakdown for each procurement model over a 15 year period. Average data for furniture costs, capital allowances and tax can also be further amended to produce more accurate results. 

For each method of procurement a cash flow statement and a profit and loss account is generated.  

Case studies

The tool is supplemented by two case studies on companies providing re-used office furniture and remanufactured office furniture services.