New guidance to boost ‘recycling on the go’ facilities in England

31st October 2012

New guidance to help organisations make it easier for people to recycle while they’re out and about has been launched today by WRAP.

WRAP’s ‘Recycling on the Go’ guidance includes a wide range of information including how to label the bins, how to promote a recycling on the go scheme, different scheme options, and legislative requirements.

The guidance is aimed a range of organisations with an interest in providing recycling on the go facilities in England, including:

• Local authorities
• Shopping centre managers
• Hospitals
• Educational establishments
• Sporting arenas
• Transport hubs (e.g. airports, train stations)

Marcus Gover, Director at WRAP, said: “There are well-established schemes in place to help us recycle while we’re at home – but it can be more difficult when we’re out shopping or at a sporting event, for example. Recycling on the go facilities offer people an easy way to recycling when they’re out and about as well. These facilities can capture valuable recyclable materials which may otherwise go to landfill, meaning their value to the green economy is lost. 

“This guide will give decision-makers in organisations the information they need to know about how to set up or expand a recycling on the go scheme, and the business benefits that can be gained from this, such as avoiding waste disposal costs.”

Accompanying the guidance is a range of communications materials such as posters and flyers which are available for free download at These have been tested and developed with the help of consumer feedback to ensure their effectiveness.

The full guidance can be found at

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Sophie Dyer

PR Officer
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