The Net Waste Tool

The Net Waste Tool calculates the potential waste arisings on your construction projects, shows you how you can improve your recycled content and quantifies the overall Net Waste.

Benefits of the tool

The tool estimates costs and quantities of waste and identifies the most suitable strategies for improving performance. 

  • Clients: Measures resource efficiency on single projects and across a whole portfolio of projects, provides a standard assessment and data handling method - generating good corporate benchmarks, and assists with the development of a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP).
  • Design teams: Identifies key sources of construction waste and waste reduction priorities.
  • Contractors: Provides key elements of a SWMP (waste forecast, reduction and recovery actions, waste to landfill), compares forecast against actual preformance to help identify opportunities to improve site practice, and supports negotiations with sub-contractors and waste contractors through waste arising and disposal cost data.

How to use the tool

The tool assess a number of different projects types, including new builds (housing, retail, office, education, healthcare and bespoke projects), refurbishments and infrastructure projects. 

The tool requires you to enter basic project information and asks you to set requirements for waste and recycled content. The design of the tool combines the two key functions of recycled content analysis (materials in) and waste analysis (materials out). See the guidance documents on the right of this page.

Start using the Net Waste Tool now. 

Video Tutorials

  • A step-by-step video tutorial for the Net Waste Tool.
  • Understanding Materials Resource Efficiency in Construction