MeWa Recycling Machinery

MeWa Recycling Machinery


Contact details: 3 Gultlinger Strasse, Gechingen, D-75391 

Telephone: UK Office 01473 745769

Fax: UK Office 01473 745769


Contact person: Trevor Roberts          


Country of origin: German Built – Sales office in the UK         

Technical Specification

Typical applications include: 

  • Mixed Food Waste
  • Packed food waste
  • Unpacked food waste
  • Slaughter house waste
  • Food waste and Green waste mixed
  • Energy Crops 

Operating principle: The operating principle of the machine is to accelerate the material within the chamber which results in one material hitting another, thus releasing contents from the packing. This process involves no cutting just acceleration resulting in low operating costs.

The materials can be feed via grab or conveyor into the core machine dependant upon the feedstock; the material is batch processed for just a few seconds and is then emptied from the machine automatically via a discharge door. The packaging and contraries are then removed using a number of specialist systems.

The processed organic fraction due to the action of the machine is completely broken down with maximum surface area thus increasing the yield in the Anaerobic Digesters. 

Available models: QZ900, QZ1200, QZ1600

Throughput capacity (m3/h):  4 – 20 tonnes per hour

Separation efficiency (%):   Up to 99% dependant upon the down stream

Speed (rpm):  Circa 400 rpm dependant on motor size etc.

Power requirements (kW):      60kW to 120kW

Dimensions (mm): Circa 5 x 5 meters without infeed

Base package includes: Machine, Control Panel, Cooling System

Fabrication: Heavy Tool Steel

Layout: Please contact for drawings, infeed and separation options

Anticipated delivery time: Circa 16 weeks

Guarantees provided by the supplier: 2000 operating hours or 12 months

Price range: 150k Euros upwards dependant upon ancillaries and options; annual operating costs for maintenance and consumables (%); less than 1% of the purchase cost.

References: Many in Germany and Austria processing Biomass fractions, 15 QZ’s operating in the UK processing other materials.

Estimated Maintenance cost £/a or % of purchase price: Minimal - the machine was originally designed to process metal fractions so resistant to unshredables etc. Will not be affected by cans etc.

Required service Intervals (monthly or annually): Fill the automatic greasing; check acceleration tools