WRAP works closely with the manufacturing industry to develop sustainable markets for waste materials diverted from landfill, helping to meet the growing demand for products with higher recycled content that are recyclable. Resource efficiency in the Manufacturing sector is increasingly important and has strong economic as well as environmental benefits.

WRAP helps UK businesses including manufacturers realise the economic and environmental benefits of using fewer resources more efficiently - reducing waste, using high quality recycled materials and designing for recyclability to meet both consumer and legislative demands.

See below for how producers can benefit.

Packaging materials - addressing market failures

We work with manufacturers and the whole packaging supply chain to help address issues such as diverting mixed plastics and glass from the domestic waste stream The whole supply chain has a part to play in increasing the diversion of materials such as plastic, glass and aluminium packaging from landfill and into high value recycled applications.

Increasing the supply of high quality recycled materials has benefits for the whole supply chain - see how you can find suppliers and buyers of recycled glass and recycled plastic. WRAP also provides contact information on fabricators and manufacturers of plastics.

Design for recyclability in packaging - Designing out waste in glass and plastic packaging e.g. wine bottles and PET soft drinks bottles has significant benefits to the whole supply chain.

Increasing recycled content can have business and environmental benefits – and a strong resonance with consumers. Read more about consumer perceptions in a recent glass report or find out how to measure the recycled content of your glass or plastic packaging.