Contact details:Andreas Kufferath GmbH & Co. KG, Andreas-Kufferath-Platz 1, 52353 Düren, Germany

Telephone: +49/2421/801-104

web: www.kufferath.com

Contact person:Birgit Schmauss - schmauss@kufferath.com

Country of origin: Germany

Technical Specification

Typical applications include:

  • Mixed supermarket waste
  • Liquid and pasty foodstuffs in cans
  • Tetra-Pack products
  • Beverages in PET bottles
  • Tinned packaging
  • Dairy and ice cream products

Operating principle: The material to be unpacked is fed to the screw press via filter chute and transported by the screw towards the outlet of the press. The conical outlet remains closed until the internal pressure exceeds the working pressure. The working pressure is set pneumatically. The internal pressure is built up by the screw during depackaging. The screw shaft is enclosed in a screen basket. The internal pressure drives the free liquids/ pasty stuff of the treated material through the perforated screen discharging the separated foodstuff into a hopper beneath the screen. Packaging is retained and discharged via the exit at the far side of the press.

Available models: Akupress AS, 4 sizes (AS20, 315, 500, 650)

Throughput capacity (t/h): AS250: 1-3t/h, AS650: 8-12t/h

Separation efficiency (%): 70 – 95%, depending on material

Speed (rpm): 9-22

Power requirements (kW): 18.5 – 45 (or 20-60Hz with frequency transformer)

Dimensions dia x h (mm): 315 x 84 to 800 x 215

Base package includes: Screw press, control cabinet,

Fabrication: Basic frame: galvanised steel, rest stainless steel

Layout: Follow link

Anticipated delivery time: 3-4 months from order

Guarantees provided by the supplier: Mechanical: up to 2 yrs & throughput

Price range (£): 50,000 (AS250) - 200,000€ (AS650)

Annual operating costs for maintenance and consumables (%): Annual (approx.) change of gearbox, sieve baskets and shaft axle; otherwise little maintenance required

References: 10-15 Food waste depackaging machines in Germany, Belgium, and Holland

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