Investigating the use of green waste derived compost in green roofs

With the green roof industry growing exponentially, there is a need to determine by scientific method the optimal rates and grades of green compost and other recycled sustainable materials.

The project (OBF009-025) by Vital Earth in partnership with Harper Adams University College aims to determine the optimal rates and grades of green compost, blended with crushed brick and other recycled materials, for use in extensive and intensive green roofs.

Mixes will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Commercial viability (e.g. storage-life, cost delivered and ease of installation)
  • Agronomic performance (e.g.establishment, over-wintering and drought tolerance)
  • Environmental performance (NB run-off attenuation and leaching)
  • Stability in-use (affects agronomic and environmental performance).

The outcome of this trial will inform the specification for three demonstration green roof projects due to be installed in 2010. One of the projects is part of a substantial building at Harper Adams Universiy college, which has been short listed Green Gown Awards 2010.