International product sustainability network

A collaboration of international product sustainability initiatives.

The International Network of Product Sustainability Initatives (INPSI) brings together groups taking action to make everyday products more sustainable.  


We will accelerate the pace and scale of activities to improve the sustainability of product systems globally.


Through global collaboration, dialogue, leadership, advocacy and shared action we will create practical and effective ways to enable our vision of improving the sustainability of global product systems. 

In delivering this mission INPSI aims to:  

  • Provide a global hub and collaborative work space for use by product sustainability initiatives around the world.
  • Support the development, sharing and communication of product knowledge and wisdom, product life cycle data and sustainability information between members.
  • Learn from practical piloting and implementation activities and identify opportunities for joint projects between members.
  • Where appropriate, promote the activities and best practices of the network’s members.
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and find opportunities to fill them through collaboration and cooperation between members.

The Secretariat for the INPSI is jointly provided by the PSF and the UNEP SETAC Life Cycle Initiative.

For more information see the INPSI joint declaration or contact