International Markets

As part of its work to improve market knowledge and transparency in the recycling sector, WRAP has developed a body of evidence on international markets for recovered materials. A range of areas were explored including the legal requirements and commercial practice of exports, the main trends in some of the key export markets, in particular China, but also India and Indonesia, and the carbon impacts of exports of recovered materials.

WRAP also coordinated several events at key points in the last few years, bringing together key decision makers in the reprocessing and export supply chain. The focus of the events was to stimulate the debate about how we can continue to cement the UK's position as a quality exporter and achieve a sustainable balance between domestic and export markets.  Presentations from the events include international outlook and trends, China, India and Indonesia, MRF exports and perspectives from across the industry.

WRAP continues to monitor international markets and you can find more up to date information through our Market Situation Reports and Market Knowledge Portal.