Courtauld 2025: Inspiring action

To achieve our collective ambition, Courtauld 2025 signatories will work with suppliers and customers across the entire food chain, from producer to consumer. Together we will:

  1. Provide lower impact products: embed criteria that reduce resource use into decision-making processes for product design and development, buying and sourcing for priority product categories; design products that use less resources to produce or cook 
  2. Provide products more efficiently: identify potential system-level savings in whole supply chains for priority product categories, and implement changes; collaborate with others on challenges that businesses cannot tackle alone
  3. Help people get more value from the food and drink they buy: engage consumers to influence behaviour, initially on food waste, and potentially link with complementary behaviours (such as healthier sustainable food choices, and valuing where food comes from)
  4. Get more value from waste and surplus food and drink: identify wastes and surpluses that are currently ignored, match them to end-uses which deliver higher value, and help broker links to innovative technologies and new market opportunities.