Innovative business

We're helping companies to explore alternative ways of doing business. Cost effective, resource efficient approaches that extract the maximum value from products by using them more intensively, extending their lifetime or enabling them to be re-used.

What is an innovative business model?

Extend product life, conserve resources and prevent waste

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Companies developing and assessing new business models


Developing resource efficient business models


Collaborative, sector-wide action for consumer electronics and household appliances

Switched on to Value

The benefits of extending appliance and electronic product lifetimes

Video: Treading a new path

Helping Bandvulc, an independent tyre re-treader, to pilot incentivised return

Video: Turning resource efficiency into competitive gain

Liz Goodwin at Sustainability Live: the compelling case for improved resource efficiency

Innovative business model map

Explore the range of innovative business models available

Consumer research

Consumer interest in reuse, repair and trade-in of electrical products

Economic impact of REBM's in Textiles

Assessing the potential of Resource Efficient Business Models in four key sectors

Economic impact of REBM's in Electricals

Assessing the potential of Resource Efficient Business Models in four key sectors

Innovative business models: clothing

Opportunities to building turnover while extending the life of clothes

Circular economy

Our vision of what the UK could achieve by 2020

Incentivised return

Case study: getting re-used electrical products back into the market

Re-using and repairing electricals

Opportunities for re-using and repairing electrical products