Cost benefit study: ICT services

Crown Prosecution Service 

Extending lifecycle of 9500 computers and 2500 printers from 3 to 5 years will save £2.35 million. Money saved will be re-invested in other Greening ICT initiatives – e.g. video conferencing.

Department for International Development

Working with organisations to refurbish and distribute redundant IT in developing countries. Helping socially with skill development / fighting social exclusion etc and dealing with WEEE in accordance with WEEE regulations. 

Home Office 

Set up cross-functional team to ensure ICT resources are used to best effect – saving over £2.4 million in 2008-9 by removing unused hardware / telephones / renegotiating with suppliers.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Replaced mixed PC devices with corporate laptop/desktop software including WiFi communications. These will provide a 60% power saving so cumulative savings of 160 tonnes CO2 emissions (4500 staff) and £40,000 reduced electricity bill. 

Department of Communities and Local Government 

Replacement telephony service to 2500 users will reduce power use by 60% saving £21,000 in electricity bills and over 100 tonnes CO2 emissions per annum.