How to Recycle at Work

Step by step recycling guides for offices, the hospitality industry and small retailers to start recycling at work.

Why should you recycle?

Recycling at work makes good business sense because:

  •     It's easy to set up and run.
  •     It feels good to be involved.
  •     It saves space and can reduce clutter.
  •     It's cost effective and could save you money.
  •     It helps to protect the environment.

Your "how to" guides

A recycling guide for small retailers

A recycling guide for offices

A recycling guide for the hospitality industry

Want some posters and bin stickers to help increase staff participation in recycling?

Visit our Recycle Now partners website for posters and bin stickers

Need a recycling service provider for your small businesses? 

The WRAP Recycling Services Directory has now closed.

The Environment Agency maintains a database of details of individuals or organisations that are registered to transport waste.   The Waste Directory is located at: