The Household Waste Collection Commitment

WRAP has joined with the Local Government Association to invite local authorities to make a commitment to the first set of principles for a good waste and recycling service based on the views of the public.  The Commitment aims to help local authorities improve residents' satisfaction with how their rubbish and recycling is collected and ultimately boost recycling rates.

Based on research on residents' views about what they like and dislike about their existing services and in consultation with local authorities, the Household Waste Collection Commitment sets out in plain English the principles which should underlie domestic waste and recycling collection services.

You are invited to sign up to the Commitment if your service meets these principles or if you have plans for it to do so.

WRAP would like to hear from those authorities that sign up to the Commitment.  Please send an email detailing the name of your authority and name and position of the signatory to

If you would like to sign up later support is available to help you develop your services so that you can, simply email

Make your commitment to a good waste and recycling service, sign up now.

You can also sign up to a Business Recycling and Waste Services Commitment.