Household food and drink waste in the UK - 2007 estimates

Updated household food waste figures for 2007; published 2009

November 2009

Since WRAP first published estimates of the amount of food and drink disposed by households each year (The Food We Waste, published in 2008, available on request) further research has been undertaken to quantify the amount of food and drink waste that is disposed of via the sewer (Down the Drain).

This report contains quantification of the amount and types of household food and drink waste in the UK. Information is collated from recent studies covering all major disposal routes, and can assist WRAP, national and local governments and the food industry to develop policies, advice and tools to help us all reduce the amount of good food and drink that we purchase but don’t eat. It is estimated that 8.3 million tonnes per year of food and drink waste is generated by households in the UK.

Given this, it is timely for WRAP to update estimates of household food and drink waste in the UK. This opportunity allows the most recent estimates of household waste to be combined, using a methodology that builds on our learning from the past year.

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November 2013 Update

WRAP published new estimates on how much food and drink is disposed annually from UK households in November 2013.  The breakdown of avoidable food and drink waste has been updated along with the associated value and environmental impact figures. Go to: