Hospitality and Food Service Agreement supporting quotes

Signatories, supporters and government explain the value of the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement (HaFSA) to the sector.

Department for Food, Environment & Rural Affairs (Defra)

"It’s really encouraging that British businesses have been showing such imagination in finding ways of cutting food waste. They’re helping make our food and hospitality industry more competitive and helping keep food waste out of landfill. I hope that many others will learn from their example”

Dan Rogerson, Resource Management Minister

McDonalds Restaurants Ltd

"The Hospitality and Food Service Agreement has helped to define and accelerate our waste strategy."

Helen McFarlane, Environment Consultant

Hospital Caterers Association (HCA)

“The HCA has been really enthused by the working partnership developed with WRAP, which is a very supportive and focused organisation. We see the aims of the HaFSA as complementary to our members’ own efforts and aims to reduce food and packaging waste under our control. 

"The Working Group provides an opportunity for exchange of good practice and ideas which, where practical and possible, we always pass on to members to embed into their trusts. I believe that this group is effective and is making a difference to behaviour in relation to waste management in hospitality businesses.”

Andy Jones, National Chair

The Institute of Food Safety, Integrity & Protection (TIFSIP), part of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)

“The CIEH and TIFSIP are very pleased to be supporters of HaFSA as it aligns with our sustainability objectives that we also promote to our membership. The provision of excellent support materials, including focused training for Environmental Health makes the task much easier.” 

Jenny Morris, MBE, Head of TIFSIP

Greater London Authority (GLA)

“The aims of WRAP’s HaFSA fit squarely with the aims of the Mayor of London’s FoodSave programme. The GLA is working closely with WRAP to ensure that best practice and experiences from FoodSave are shared and opportunities are maximised to reduce food waste in the hospitality sector in London and more widely.”

Lisa Bennett, Project Manager of FoodSave programme


BIFM Catering & Hospitality Special Interest Group

“Working with WRAP both as a Steering and Working Group member in support of the HaFSA has been an extremely enjoyable experience and the resources that WRAP have developed to assist organisations minimise their food waste has proved to be a valuable resource to our members.”

Simon Biggs, Chairman

British Hospitality Association (Scotland)

“The Working Group provides an opportunity for exchange of good practice and ideas which, where practical and possible, we always pass on to members to embed into their trusts. I believe that this group is effective and is making a difference to behaviour in relation to waste management in hospitality businesses.”

William Macleod, Executive Director



“The joint working with WRAP greatly assisted us to maximise the impact of the REV ACTIVE project. The upskilling of our business advisors, in particular, had real benefits in terms of the scope and quality of information provided to participating HaFS businesses.”

Simon Best, Low Carbon Business Growth (and former REV ACTIVE) Programme Manager, Breckland Council


British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA)

“BBPA continue to explore opportunities to encourage more companies to sign up to the HaFSA but encourage companies to take action even if they feel unable to join.”

Daisy Blench, Policy Manager

Green Tourism business scheme

“Green Tourism has been working with Resource Efficient Scotland and Zero Waste Scotland as part of the Tourism Working Group in Scotland, and we have found the group extremely useful in raising awareness, networking with like-minded businesses and developing ideas for engaging with the tourism industry.

"We have been able to use this information to help businesses understand the impact of the new (Scottish) Waste Regulations, the benefits of signing the HaFSA and more recently the support available to help them become more resource efficient."

Andrea Nicholas, Manager

Unilever Food Solutions

“We will continue to support the Agreement and encourage our stakeholders and the wider industry to do the same.”

Wendy Duncan, R&D Technical Manager


William Murray

"Being a responsible business isn’t just a tick in the box for us, it’s part of who we are and runs right across the business. Our team attended over 100 events in the last 12 months - engaging with influencers in conversation and using this as an opportunity to talk about WRAP. We'll continue to raise the profile of WRAP with clients, media and influencers over the months to come."

Anita Murray, CEO

Food and Drink Federation (FDF)

“Under the FDF Five-fold Environmental Ambition FDF members are fully committed to reducing food waste and optimising packaging as part of a broader set of stretching resource efficiency targets. We see the aims of the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement and the progress made so far on reducing waste as complementary to our members’ own efforts and consistent with the need for a whole chain approach to tackling these issues.  FDF is therefore pleased to be supporting this important initiative.” 


"In our commercial world, the ideals and mission of WRAP are very much aligned to Mechline’s own thinking – encouraging review and appraisal to maximise resource efficiency, to help prevent and reduce wastage –in numerous ways. We fully endorse these messages and find working with WRAP a great help in the provision of resources, guidance and collaboration. The team have been accessible and supportive.

"In signing up to become a partner of the HaFSA we have been able to promote some of our own activities. Because of the ‘specific’ nature of the HaFSA and its objectives, we find the work that they are undertaking and the programmes very complementary to our own vision – they are becoming the champions to the Hospitality and Foodservice trade, in our opinion. This provides assurance and authority in a number of key areas in this sector.

"We’ve greatly appreciated the opportunity to contribute with some of the programmes and to help with the individual projects and the overall challenging undertaking. The referencing and qualification of the HaFSA details makes an enormous difference when discussing issues with clients. We see the link to and partnership with the HaFSA as providing a great deal of welcome support.”

Peter Galliford, Director