Hospitality and Food Service Agreement 2 year progress: supporting quotes

Organisations explain the importance of the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement to their business and to the sector as a whole.

British Hospitality Association

As a founding supporter of the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement, the British Hospitality Association have been communicating key messages on food waste prevention and recycling throughout their membership. This has included the production of a practical 10 part mini-series on reducing food waste. The BHA have also been active in attending steering group meetings and promoting the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement , and look forward to continuing to support waste reduction initiatives in the future.

Lucy Aldrich-Smith, Policy Manager

Sodexo UK and Ireland

The Hospitality and Food Service Agreement has brought together like-minded organisations serious about tackling food waste and finding solutions for the foodservice sector. Being a signatory of the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement has helped us drive our own work in this area. The Agreement's annual reporting requirements have given us a better understanding of food waste levels within our business. WRAP was instrumental in supporting us in developing a methodology to identify food waste volumes and they have continued to support us during testing and piloting of food waste tracking systems.

Paul Bracegirdle, Environmental Manager

Unilever Food Solutions

Unilever Food Solutions continues to work with the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement to reinforce food waste prevention activities across the sector. By working together as an industry WRAP made great progress in 2014. At Unilever Food Solutions we supported by sharing knowledge - chairing the Food Waste Prevention Working Group and speaking at key events. We’ve continued to promote our Wise Up On Waste mobile app to make it as easy as possible for chefs to monitor and reduce food waste in their kitchens.  We also encourage users of the Wise Up On Waste app to use it in conjunction with the free online Hospitality and Food Service Agreement support materials. We’ll continue to support the agreement and encourage our stakeholders and the wider industry to do the same.

Wendy Duncan, R&D Deploy Manager

Institute of Hospitality

Throwing food away is the same as throwing money away. Businesses can make significant improvements to their bottom line through sustainability initiatives. That's why the Institute of Hospitality is an active supporter and promoter of WRAP UK’s Hospitality and Food Service Agreement: tried and tested resources to help your staff minimise food waste.

Peter Ducker FIH, Chief Executive

Pizza Hut Restaurants

The Hospitality and Food Service Agreement has provided a great framework for businesses like ours to find more ways to drive down waste.  This is something the whole industry should be striving for and we have found the support from WRAP hugely beneficial, whether via support on specific waste reduction projects, or from invaluable networking events which have driven sharing of best practice with like-minded organisations.

Steve Packer, Head of Supply Chain

Foodservice Packaging Association

The Hospitality and Food Service Agreement has been a major catalyst for action on food waste in both sectors. Food waste is now openly discussed across the sector and is very much part of the brief when it comes to new packaging. Seeing such excellent progress is a testament to the industry who are very much focussed on reducing food waste. WRAP has been an inspiration and has spurred on the industry showing that not only can food waste be reduced but profitability can be increased by taking action. The FPA is very pleased to be involved in the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement and indeed the Hospitality andFood Service movement.

Martin Kersh, Director

Sustainable Restaurant Association

Over recent years, the issue of the amount of perfectly good food we throw away in the UK has become more prominent. Wasting food that is intended for human consumption is a social, environmental and economic scandal that businesses and society are beginning to recognise and address. WRAP, and its Hospitality and Food Service Agreement, has been at the forefront of growing awareness of the problem and providing tools, advice and support to those organisations who want to do something about it.

Mark Linehan, Managing Director

British Institute of Facilities Management

Working with WRAP both as a Steering and Working Group member in support of the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement has been an extremely enjoyable experience and the resources that WRAP have developed to assist organisations minimise their food waste has proved to be a valuable resource to our members.

Simon Biggs, Chair, Catering & Hospitality Special Interest Group

Plan Zheroes

Plan Zheroes is delighted to support the HaFSA, working with signatories including Pret A Manger, Compass Group and Vacherin as well as supporting the FoodSave initiative. In addition, we have contributed to the development of key support materials, such as legislation documents to encourage greater understanding of how to prevent food waste. Plan Zheroes has been an active member of the training sub-group and continues to promote the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement materials, such as staff training, to our users.

Chris Wilkie, Co Founder

British Beer & Pub Association

For our members, cost savings are key. As a Steering Group member, we actively encourage our membership to take action and save money by using the Hospitalityand Food Service Agreement materials which have all been developed in conjunction with industry.

Daisy Blench, Policy Manager - Responsibility

BPR Group

BPR are proud to support the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement and see food waste prevention and recycling as a key benefit to our clients. We have incorporated WRAP's messages within our client information packs and proactively introduced food waste through training and seminars to our clients.

Harriet Hird, Marketing and Engagement Manager


As supporters of the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement, we have gained valuable insight into the challenges the hospitality industry is facing and as a result have been able to support our clients further to achieve higher recycling rates and reduce their waste management costs.

Jane Dennyson, Head of Strategic Development

The Institute of Food Safety Integrity & Protection (TiFSiP) and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)

TiFSiP and the CIEH are very pleased to support the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement as it aligns with our sustainability objectives. These are promoted to both memberships where we provide information and encourage all members to share within their organisations. The provision of excellent support materials, including up-to-date materials on legislation and guidance on reducing food waste, makes the task much easier.

TiFSIP and the CIEH continue to support the Agreement and are keen to see the guidance and tools developed and to be used widely to encourage further action on reducing food waste.

Jenny Morris, Head of TiFSiP and Principal Policy Officer at the CIEH

Hospital Caterers Association (HCA)

The HCA continue to support the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement, and are keen to see the guidance and tools developed together used widely to encourage further action on reducing food waste in healthcare. Hospital caterers have an opportunity to support the balance of suitable nutrition for our patients alongside the management of waste. The tools created aid us to drive the behavioural change to lead on the war on waste.

Phil Shelley, Chair

Castell Howell Foods

As a founding signatory in Wales, Castell Howell Foods recognises the importance of reducing food waste and improving recycling to help drive down operational costs and making our business more resilient. We have invested resources in a number of areas to work towards the delivery of the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement targets. This investment includes the relocating of our meat production plant to drive out process inefficiencies, redesigning our recycling area to increase the volume and quality of materials captured and working with our staff to improve segregation of food waste in the canteen.

Matt Lewis, Operations Director

Inspire Catering

With the help of the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement we have totally changed the way we approach sustainability and revitalised our Environmental Operations manual. We have completed training with our on site catering teams and have appointed Green Champions in our business. We now have much more informed view on what we are contributing towards the targets by now being able to measure and quantify the difference we are making, especially in terms of food waste. More and more our clients are asking us what we do in relation to sustainability and the environment and we now have set several KPIs with our key clients. Thank you for helping us put sustainability at the heart of everything we do to provide the best and most eco- friendly catering services for our clients.

Denise Coulter, Quality & Training Manager

Gather & Gather

WRAP’s leadership and vision through the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement, have guided us over the last few years to take action on waste.

Doug Gilchrist, Commercial Director

Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Being involved with the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement provides the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) with an opportunity to raise awareness, share and demonstrate good practice within the sector. The working group provides a sector specific opportunity to share good practice and puts a high expectation on participations to achieve, therefore increasing focus and maximizing partnerships and working together. This is particularly effective when we have tight remits and expect results. We encourage and challenge all the time for improvement in sector tools and techniques.

Reynaldo Guino-o, Business Excellence Manager

Crieff Hydro

The Hospitality and Food Service Agreement is an initiative that all business within this sector could learn from; it has a range of useful resources which have led to us gaining an increased knowledge on legislation, systems, access to information and materials. The Agreement's Working Group has provided Scottish businesses with an open and honest platform to share success stories and learning as well as valuable networking with like-minded people across the sector.

Alexandra MacDonald, Support Services and Environmental Manager


BaxterStorey signed the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement in 2012 as a founding signatory. Shortly after that we began a project to segregate, weigh and report nationally, the food waste arising from our entire business. In over 750 sites we are now segregating food waste by plate waste, production waste and spoilage waste and reporting through our on-line accounting system, following significant enhancements to functionality.

We now monitor actual food waste by weight, cost and environmental impact on a daily basis and also as a percentage of food and beverage purchases. The segregation, weighing and reporting process along with an interactive purpose built training session; part of our in-house modular environmental and behavioural change training programme ‘Greenflash’, has resulted in an 33% reduction in food waste arising, saving over 1200 tonnes of food waste since the project started. Equating to a carbon saving of 11,000 tonnes of CO2e based on full life cycle footprint, in real terms the equivalent of taking nearly 3,000 cars off the road for a year! This has not only reduced costs in terms of food and beverage purchases but also delivered massive savings related to the cost of waste disposal or recycling.

The Hospitality and Food Service Agreement has brought real focus to the massive issue of food waste, and has united our sector to challenge the ‘traditional’ behaviours rife in our businesses to deliver real savings, both financial and environmental through innovation and deep rooted behavioural change.

Mike Hanson, Head of Sustainable Business