Home composting guidance and information

The ideal solution to divert waste from landfill, that has the added benefit of providing a soil improver for the garden.

Working with our partners and key stakeholders we have developed some models for estimating diversion rates for organic waste attributable to home composting.

Communicating the benefits of home composting

The Recycle Now home composting programme started in 2004 by offering subsidised bins, with the support of local authorities, to householders across England.

As a result, the programme has encouraged approximately 1.6 million households to start composting at home.  The use of these compost bins has meant that over 260,000 tonnes of waste has been diverted from the waste stream each year.

The programme has now met its original target and has successfully demonstrated that home composting is a simple method that many of us can implement to reduce the amount of waste put out for collection.

Although we ceased selling bins in September 2009, we are pleased to support the new National Home Composting Framework developed by IESE that authorities can use for the supply of compost bins. Details of the new scheme can be found on the Waste Improvement Network website.

The Recycle Now website will still offer support and guidance to those just starting to compost at home and tips and advice to more experienced composters.

The Scottish Government will continue to subsidise bin sales in Scotland. Please visit www.wasteawarescotland.org.uk

Information for local authorities wishing to promote home composting is available to download from this page. Please click on the pdf on the right hand side of the page.