Green Office: A guide to running a more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable office

Most organisations, regardless of sector and size, have an office or administration of some kind. This guide has been designed to help small and medium-sized offices save money, improve environmental performance and respond to environmental enquiries from suppliers and customers. It provides practical solutions that cost nothing or little to implement and will enable office workers to identify their impact on the environment.

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Many organisations underestimate how much waste is costing; it could be as high as 4% of turnover. Systematic action could save between £400 and £1,000/year for every employee. With the right measures, waste costs can easily be reduced to only 1% of turnover – often with little or no investment.

This guide covers the common environmental impacts of a typical office and the advice given emphasises the importance of considering the principles of the waste hierarchy when dealing with office waste.

In addition to identifying and providing guidance on the types of waste produced by offices, this guide also provides advice on energy and water efficiency measures, legislation, transport, and how to communicate, maintain and review resource efficiency measures in your organisation. 

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