Company structure and governance

WRAP is a not for profit company limited by guarantee, set up with an independent board to promote resource efficiency. We are funded by an increasing number of governments and other (not quasi) public sector organisations.


The company is not required to comply with the requirements of the Combined Code on Corporate Governance. However, the company adopts best practice and applies the relevant principles of good governance in section 1 of the Combined Code.

The Board
The Board comprises the chairman, two executive directors, eight independent non-executive directors, and one appointee by Defra. The Scottish and Welsh Governments may each appoint a member of the board.

The Board is responsible for:

  • determining the company’s strategy
  • approving the medium term business plan and annual budget
  • monitoring the company’s performance and risks
  • examining the health and safety issues of the company

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee comprises the chief executive officer and the senior executive team. The committee is responsible to the Board for day-to-day operations.

Our People

Our people are important to us and through their experience and skills WRAP remains at the forefront of resource efficiency issues.

The WRAP Alumni group on LinkedIn enables current and former employees to stay in contact with friends and colleagues.  The aim of the group is to build a community which shares thoughts and ideas on the latest resource efficiency issues.

Please visit LinkedIn to request to join the group.