Good practice waste prevention plans

This section highlights a selection of waste prevention plans that will be good reference points when creating a new waste prevention plan.

Key points

  • Drawing on the experience of other local authorities is a sensible strategy when developing a waste prevention plan.
  • This section provides links to three local authority waste prevention plans.

A number of local authorities have developed and published their own waste prevention programmes or plans to drive waste prevention activities in their local areas. Some local authorities are working together, often through formal waste partnerships, to deliver waste prevention activities.

For example, see:

The North London Waste Prevention Plan 2014-16

This sets out in more detail how the waste prevention objectives within the North London Joint Waste Strategy will be met. This regularly updated plan details a series of short to medium term actions to minimise the amount of waste produced by North London.

Municipal Waste Prevention Strategy for West London (2011-2015)

This strategy sets out the targets, priorities and - importantly - how West London is going to monitor progress toward its goals.

Merseyside Waste Prevention Plan (2011-2015)

This Waste Prevention Plan is a delivery mechanism for the revised Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy (JMMS) ‘RESOURCES Merseyside 2011 – 2014‘